These are just some of the worldwide organizations and networks that actively work on promotion of health and human rights of sex workers


SWAN – Sex Work Advocacy Network

SWAN is a network of civil society organizations engaged in advocating the Human Rights of the sex workers in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and South-East Europe. SWAN is founded in 1996. and has members from 15 countries.


In 2002 a group of Dutch sex workers and allies took the initiative to organise a Conference on Sex Work that would challenge the current neo conservative political debate on sex work and trafficking. We decided to start with a European Conference.


Stella, Montreal, Canada, was created in 1995 through the initiative of a handful of sex-workers, public-health researchers and sympathisers. Stella’s goals are: • to provide support and information to sex-workers so that they may live in safety and with dignity; • to sensitize and educate the public about sex work and the realities faced by sex workers; • to fight discrimination against sex workers; • to promote the decriminalisation of sex work. Stella favours empowerment and solidarity by and amongst sex workers, since we are committed to the idea that each of us has a place in society, and human rights worth defending.

The Coalition for the Rights of Sex Workers

This coalition from Montreal, Canada, was founded in 1996 by sex workers, former sex workers and our allies. We are part of the international struggle for the rights of people in the sex trade and for the decriminalization of our lives and our work.  

The APNSW was formed in 1994 by members of some of Asia’s first organizations to work on health and human rights with sex workers, Empower Thailand, Sweetly Japan, Pink Triangle Malaysia, the Scarlet Alliance Australia and Sonagachi. Aim:The APNSW facilitates sex worker participation and information sharing on both technical and policy issues, encourages leadership amongst male, female and transgender sex workers and does direct advocacy.

Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee
Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (or ‘Durbar’, which in Bengali means un-stoppable or indomitable) is a forum of 65,000 sex workers based in West Bengal, India. Durbar is active in challenging and addressing the structural barriers that form the everyday reality of sex workers' lives as they relate to their material deprivation or their social exclusion with the aim of altering them. Durbar is running the STD/HIV Intervention Programme (commonly known as the Sonagachi Project) since 1999. After gaining control of the STD/HIV Intervention Programme in 1999, DMSC began replicating the Sonagachi model in other red light areas in West Bengal. DMSC also implements STD/HIV intervention Programme among street-based sex workers and their clients, covering a population of over 20,000 sex workers and migrant labourers. DMSC currently implements and runs STD/HIV intervention programmes in 49 sex work sites in West Bengal.

The Desiree Alliance

The Desiree Alliance, USA is a coalition of health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators, sex professionals and their supporting networks working together for an improved understanding of the sex industry and its human, social and political impacts. Our focus is on building leadership and constructive activism in the sex worker population to advocate for sex workers' human, labor and civil rights.

Network of Sex Work Projects

In 1991 an informal alliance of sex workers and organizations that provide services to sex workers formed as the Network of Sex Work Projects. NSWP is a legally constituted international organisation for promoting sex workers' health and human rights. With member organizations in more than 40 countries, the Network develops partnerships with technical support agencies to work on independently-financed projects.

PIC- Prostitution Information Centre, Red Light District, Amsterdam

The Prostitution Information Centre, or the PIC, was founded in august 1994 by former prostitute Mariska Majoor. The PIC provides information and advice about prostitution in the widest sense of the word to anyone who wants it. For people who have questions about prostitution, the PIC is a freely accessible place where they can get answers to almost any question, or can be referred to other knowledgeable organizations if necessary.

Prostitutes of New York (PONY)

PONY is a support and advocacy group for all people in the sex industry. PONY advocates the decriminalization of prostitution and calls for an end to illegal police activity — such as street sweeps — in the enforcement of existing laws.

SWEAT - Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce, Južna Afrika

SWEAT is a non-profit organisation situated in Cape Town, South Africa. We work with sex workers around health and human rights. We also lobby and advocate for the decriminalisation of adult sex work in South Africa. An added focus since 2002 has been on reaching sex workers nationally to engage in issues related to health and legal reform. In 2003 Sisonke, a sex worker movement was launched, and SWEAT will continue to focus on national networking interventions towards building this movement.

Scarlet Alliance, Australija

Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, through our objectives, policies and programs, aims to achieve equality, social, legal, political, cultural and economic justice for past and present workers in the sex industry, in order for sex workers to be self-determining agents, building their own alliances and choosing where and how they work.